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Free and for fee, online and onsite options are self driven or with personal coaches.
➡️ Courses, curriculum and coaching are provided by experienced professionals.
➡️ Learn as independent or as a team.  Whether a solo entrepreneur, team leader, management, C-suite, or future leader, gain that ‘group think’ and quality culture as the whole team learns together.
➡️Gain training hours*.  Courses and coaching hours are qualifieable within most training and development plans under ‘professional’ or ‘management’, ‘leadership’, ‘quality’ or ‘technical’ training.
➡️Join pre-scheduled programming and communities or take training at your own pace.
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*Require Personal Development Units PDUs to complete or maintain your certification? 
Be sure to ask your instructors for a certificate and record your training hours.

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1st Event Thursday June 8, 2023
Time: 1 p.m. EST (General Admission – Free) or 12 p.m. EST (VIP/Platinum Ticket Holders)
What You Get:
☑️Access to up to four events, coaches and a team if you join the group
☑️Learn simple strategies you can use quickly to gain more clients
☑️Gain practical tools to increase client satisfaction, maximize personal & business growth.
Choose from Platinum $297, VIP $97 or General Admission Free
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Harrison Klein & Kamal 
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Wednesday & Thursday, June 21&22, 2023
Ultimate Credibility Bootcamp

Bootcamp Prep: June 20, 7 am – 8:30 am PST
2 Day Bootcamp: Wednesday & Thursday, June 21 & 22, 8 am to 4 pm PST
Applying the Bootcamp: June 23, , 11 am to 12:30 pm PST

Virtual Learning
Ultimate Credibility Bootcamp

By the end of this Virtual Bootcamp, you’ll have specific action items you can take in just minutes a day to grow your in-person and virtual credibility so you can connect with more aligned clients.

Ultimate Credibility Bootcamp

Mitchell Levy and Lucas Root support the participants through a prep call, 2 days of BootCamp, and a follow-up meeting to validate learning.

Connect with your coaches via Project Blue World Solutions Database:
Mitchell Levy    Lucas Root

Lucas RootMitchell Levy

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Access a community of professionals, conversation, courses, workshops, some for fee some included in your monthly package.

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Training & Tools

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To book training or consult for individuals or groups contact representatives and book as per your schedule.

Training & Management Consultancy

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Business Gaps Analysis
> System Development > Implementation > Training.

☑️Serving Globally

☑️Health & Safety
☑️Corporate Social Responsibility
☑️British Retail Consortium
Food Packaging Standards

Contact Ishtiaq Rana
for Training and Management Consultancy

Ishtiaq Rana in the Solutions Database

ISO How is it Connected to Developing Leaders

FREE Article

How to we problem solve to success?  Use Plan Do Check Act to achieve cost, quality, time, safety and …profit requirements.

Being listed in the ISO directory is often critical or a requirement of industry or location with leadership training and development as a requirement of operations.’

Require implementation support book Project Blue World for individual or team ISO training. 

FREE Audio 30 minutes

Lori Payne & Josh Jones – Systemize Your Way to Success (on Spotify)

How does sales drive our operations and why are processes important to be successful?

Listen as Lori & Josh Jones, Author of Don’t Knock it Til you Knock it hilite how each small step contributes to overall personal and business success.

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FREE access to this life-changing guide.

Your Miracle Power

7 Easy Steps to Harness the Power of Miracles

Climate Change

🌐Planet Sustainability Project.

How to Navigate Climate Change and Carbon Credit Programs

A Vision of Future Local and Global;

Book for consultation or workshops:

Project Blue World
& Schildt Assessoria Ambiental Ltda.

Lori Payne & Arnildo Schildt

Climate Change is about turning to positivity, together we learn & develop a beautiful world.

Sample Carbon Credit Consult in Solutions DatabaseBook Introductory Meet

Book as per your schedule

MRO Support

Maintenance Repair and Overhaul MRO Support: Individual or Fleet Maintenance Management, Representation or  Service, Logisitcs and Operations Consulting

Experienced in;
A250 Helicopter Engines
PT6A TurboProp Engines
C130 Propellers
Accessories & Components
T56 501 Marine, Industrial Energy Generators

Book Introductory MeetLori Payne in PBW Solutions Database

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Avoid Audit Anxiety, How to Implement and Maintain a Quality Management System

How to develop and maintain Quality Management Systems?

Drive performance in your operations, adhere to your regulations, and self audit. 

Need support developing or updating Policy & Procedures or Standards Development?

Needs Analysis with Tools and Executive Reporting provided

Book Lori Payne, President Project Blue World for individual or team training.
Remote or onsite. 
Call 1-204-406-8047

Lori Payne in PBW Solutions DatabaseBook Introductory Meet

Book as per your schedule

Manual Interpretation, How to Read and Re-Act

Not sure? What does the manual say?  As we navigate safety in our indusries what rules to follow when and how, is always the question.

How to interpret manual directions, learn about grammar, word and punctuation placement in this 30-60 minute individual or team training.

Remote or onsite. Worksheet*, tools and implementation support for larger teams and corporate programs available.

Book Lori Payne, President Project Blue World for individual or team training.
Call 1-204-406-8047

*Using the Canadian Air Regulations as a sample or we can use your manuals as you provide for your industry.

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Book as per your schedule

Develop a Continuous Improvement Culture; Learn Scientific Problem Solving to Create Success

How to we problem solve to success?  Use Plan Do Check Act to achieve cost, quality, time, safety and …profit requirements.

 Improve profitability, efficiency, service and safety. Learn tools and procedures, teach your teams to problem solve their way from goal to solutions.

Remote or onsite. Worksheet, tools and implementation support for larger teams and corporate programs available.

Book Lori Payne, President Project Blue World for individual or team training.
Call 1-204-406-8047

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Serving individuals, teams and organizations. Certified staff and suppliers stand by to consult, facilitate, represent by the hour or long term as you require onsite or online from Central Canada and around the world, Mailing address: P.O. Box 52 Clandeboye, Manitoba, Canada, R0C 0P0


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