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Gambia – Food and Animal Breeding Project F22.003

Prosperity Farm
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Mr. Alhagi Touray, Owner Prosperity Farm is working hard to develop his dream for sustainable commercial farm to support his family, contribute to community, country and help develop farming in Africa.

Goal: Develop sustainable farm; breed more farm animals; sheep, goats, chickens and cattle and to develop gardening for fruit and vegetables.  Development includes installation of a well for water, developing a strong solid barn, building for the animals and storage for the food for the animals.  Heavy rain season requires a brick and cement building to be developed to replace the existing damaged structure.  Seeds for planting and tools to carry out the work are required.  An incubator for eggs is also required.

Click here for VIDEO OF PROSPERITY FARM June 2022

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**High rainfall and severe weather has severely damaged structures for Alhagi’s family and animals, thank you for considering to support**


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