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President, co-Founder 🌐Project Blue WorldSpeaker | Facilitator | Troubleshooter; Management & Maintenance
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Unite People, Ignite Performance for our World.  Lori is available to speak, consult, coach or facilitate for you or your team. As President Project Blue World Lori supports across all projects and lead and works with clients individually.  Where do you want to go, Lori and the team are glad to get you there.

Specialties are

☑️Customer Service Management


☑️Quality Management Systems

☑️Sales & Business Development

☑️Aircraft & Aeroderivative Gas Turbine Maintenance Management (Experience is with A250/PT6A/T56-501 AeroD/C130 Propellers/Accessories)

☑️Continuous Improvement and Operations Redesign facilitation; The whole team goes faster with greater quality using CI Culture, learn how to push through challenges using scientific problem solving, apply strategies learned to small daily to large corporate initiatives Sample Lori Training Continuous Improvement Culture

Remote or onsite. Individual and team coaching. Workshops, worksheet, tools and implementation support for larger teams and corporate programs available

Achieve Success.

Achieve Quality Products and Services.

Achieve Flow.


Project Blue World leadership team:

  • Facilitates across all projects and clients requirements in Project Blue World.
  • Weekly we lead international teams in project management, research and business development activities.
  • From diagnostics and supply chain options to managing people performance and product or service flow.
  • Leads network of agents providing services by the hour or objective
  • Tie skilled experts to services as customers require.
  • Focus to Quality, Safety, Cost, and Time to provide Morale.

Speaking and On the Job Training Samples:

Learn Lean Continuous Improvement Culture Total Quality Management

(Click Links for free download)

Lori leads Project Blue World Inc. is President and co-founder.

Lori Payne BIO @PayneConsulting.ca


Book introductory meet or email us to book consulting or training:

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