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Feline Protection Project:

Our goal is supporting residents to control feral cat populations by spay/neuter and ensure they are properly sheltered and nourished.

Fixing Feral Felines is a small private team that needs your support.

Currently seeking sponsorship and supports for the Feline Protection Project to develop sustainable support, services and network for safe feline population.

Your donations go to support the felines directly, the volunteer team arranges appointments for veterinary care and provides education to serve our rural population North East of Winnipeg, Manitoba (Oakbank, Anola, Cooks Creek and surrounding communities).

Donate to Feline Protection Project

Your contact is:
Ms. Veronica Walsh, Founder and Director Fixing Feral Felines.

Fixing Feral Felines on Facebook

See also Voices for Animals:

Voices for Animals on Facebook

The purpose of this group is to speak for a better quality of life for animals in Manitoba.

We will encourage all citizens to advocate and provide guidance as to how, when and where to do so.

Thank you for your consideration to support, Animal Care is everyone’s responsibility.






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