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Supporting local and international projects, development for people and our planet is underway.

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Give. Your generosity helps alleviate poverty and develop prosperity, sustainable solutions, success and the basics of quality of life for people and animals, communities around the world.  

Participate.  Join the local or international development projects by volunteering to be a team member, providing short or long term support or follow along on social media.

Receive. Apply to have your project coordinated by project management professionals.  Gain partners, donation disbursements and hosting of the project on the foundation website.

Thank you for your consideration to contribute. We are a global community, together we power the planet.


Donate to Project Blue World Foundation or select from projects seeking support.


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Thank you for considering to donate to particular project or direct to the foundation. Donations are used to help individuals and communities identified in the project profiles and others recover from poverty and disaster. 

Funds are designated for the purpose for which they are given.  In the event we raise more money than required we will strive to use it for similar purpose.

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TAX CREDIT INFORMATION: Project Blue World Foundation does not provide tax receipts as we are not a registered charity. 
FEES: The fundraising cost related to any project will not exceed 5%.



To volunteer for Project Blue World Foundation or to participate as a volunteer for one of the projects in work, please fill in the volunteer intake form. 

We will review and strive to respond to all applicants, thank you for your interest.

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Project Management

Project management service provides professional supports and partners.

Experts lead development of goals, from plan through implementation and handoff of sustainable outcome.

If you have a charitable project local to Manitoba or international to be considered for project management please apply online.

Projects run in 3 month intervals, at each new interval existing projects restart and new ones begin.
Projects are approved based on fit of charitable purpose, and ability of our team to serve, we must have the right expertise and be able to carry out service or we may refer or decline.
*Charity projects are designed and implemented for the welfare of society. Most of these projects focus on crucial elements of human life, like health, education, food, home and so on. When you run a charity project you have to make sure it is benefiting the needy people in society.

 To donate to a particular project select from the project donation buttons below.
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*Project Profiles are listed in the Grid; Project Blue World Consulting Agency’s Solutions Database. Project Blue World Foundation is powered by volunteers, we receive profiles and volunteer hours, Corporate Social Responsibility CSR support from Project Blue World Consulting Agency, and other corporate and private partners that reduces our administration fees to clients.

We welcome you to view project profiles* via the links below.  Participate as a volunteer yourself or through your organization and follow along on social media.  


Projects in Work

Today projects are underway in agriculture, education, energy, housing and sport, to alleviate poverty, generate opportunity and basics of living, community for children, youth, adults and animals.   

Projects powered by: 
Thank you to the Volunteers; individual professionals and corporate experts. 
Thank you to the Project Management Institute and the Projects for Social Goods initiative for powering the projects with steady stream of Project Management Professionals.

Project F23.007

The Feline Protection Project is an initiative from the Interlake of Manitoba. Goal is to develop sustainable support, service system and network for safe felines.

Donate to Manitoba Feline Protection
Project F21.005

The Benin School & Soccer Project is improving education for youth, developing soccer and sport initiatives between Beninese and Canadians.

Donate to Benin School & Soccer Project
Project F22.003

The Gambia Prosperity Farm Project is to develop Prosperity Farm into an abundant cooperative supplier of food and animal breeding options for Brikama, Gambia

Donate to Gambia Prosperity Farm
Project F21.006

The  Burundi Brick Houses Project is developed by Together for Orphans Future in Gatumba Burundi. Permanent brick houses for 180+ displaced persons.

Donate to Burundi Brick Houses
Project F21.002

The Cape Town Agriculture Project is organized to utilize the vast land in Mbidlana Community for farming of vegetables for local and export.

Donate to Cape Town Agriculture
Project F21.001

The Cape Town Education Project is developed to grow the reach of youth education, to equip young students with life skills to be safe and productive.

Donate to Cape Town Education
Project F21.003

The Cape Town Lights for Learning Project is to find and implement simple solutions to enable youth to access electricity to do schoolwork.

Donate to Cape Town Lights for Learning

Projects for Social Good

Project Blue World Foundation is proud to be partnered with Project Management Institute Manitoba and Volunteer Project Management Professionals within Projects for Social Good initiative.

New in 2024


Developed by Project Management Institute Manitoba, Projects for Social Good is inspired by PMI 4.0 Strategy and PMI’s Education Foundation (PMIEF) whose primary mission is to leverage the chapter’s unique human capital and community of project leaders for achieving a positive social and environmental impact in Manitoba’s local communities.


Through Project Management Institute Manitoba’s Projects for Social Good initiative Project Blue World Foundation accesses a volunteer pool of Project Management Professionals and Mentors.  These PMPs and teams of volunteers plan, do, check, act their way to success with the Project Owners.


Project Mangement Institute Manitoba inspires change, transformation, innovation and growth in Manitoba’s communities through the power of projects.
Visit Project Management Institute Manitoba
Visit Projects for Social Good program;


Together our vision and mission to achieve positive results are aligned with the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals

About Us – Project Blue World Foundation


Our Vision is a world in which every human can obtain happiness, quality of life.


We are dedicated to contributing to sustainable development through environmental protection, social responsibility and economic progress.


Safety, Quality, Respect, Growth & Honesty.


Our goal is to provide sustainable options, supports for charitable initiatives, locally and
internationally developing opportunity, happiness and quality of life for people, and the planet.


Project Blue World Foundation was founded as a non-profit agency to provide supports locally and internationally for charitable initiatives.


Founded in 2019

 In 2019 a group of stakeholders from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada performed a needs analysis for how to develop people and the planet, how to develop global happiness and quality of life, leading to the development of the Roadmap to a Blue World, and founding of Project Blue World Foundation.


Projects underway in 2024

Creating and showcasing templateable solutions, project by project. In 2024 we have 8 projects in work supporting people and animals in education, housing, sport, energy and agriculture development.


Projects around the World 

By 2030 we plan to reach around the world with initiatives from local to international, together we can develop prosperity for people and the planet.

Roadmap to a Blue World

Many years of needs analysis and development from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, global and multi industry stakeholders has led to development of Project Blue World Foundation. 

Project Blue World Foundation non profit was founded to provide development supports locally and internationally.Since 2019 we provide access to expertise and develop projects to achieve continued flow of access to services to support quality of life for people.

Coordinate. Encourage. Utilize. Market. Communicate. Build.
1) Showcase excellence by region and industry, project by project, building culture of performance and improvement.
2) Achieve easy to navigate, full access people services for full life cycle from prenatal to palliative, with behavioural change to effect our climate.
3) Monitor, check and continuously improve our performance.

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Press Releases

May 10, 2024 Project Blue World Foundation is Powering Projects, Unveils new Partnership with Project Management Institute Manitoba Projects for Social Good.
Project Blue World Foundation global update: Roadmap to a Blue World Elevate Inspire Develop Global Happiness
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada – Project Blue World Foundation charitable support services company dedicated to fostering global happiness and sustainable development, is excited to announce new partnership enabling the launch of several charitable projects aimed at driving positive social change……”Project Blue World Foundation is thrilled to unveil our partnership with Project Management Institute Manitoba. The Projects for Social Good initiative is aimed at driving positive change in communities around Manitoba and the world,” says Co-founders Todd and Lori Payne. “Through this new partnership and ongoing projects, we aim to create lasting impact and improve the lives of individuals, families, and communities.”
Projects for Social Good is a local program initiated by the Project Management Institute’s PMI 4.0 strategy and PMI’s Education Foundation (PMIEF), aiming to harness the chapter’s expertise in project management to create a positive social and environmental impact in Manitoba’s communities. Through a matchmaking service, PMI Manitoba connects social good initiatives with project professional volunteers, providing opportunities for both developing and experienced project professionals to contribute their skills while gaining real-life project experience. Non-profit and charitable organizations benefit from access to a pool of volunteers, with each project supported by a developing project professional and a senior experienced mentor.
Under the leadership of Gaetan Fiola, Project Blue World’s Chief Executive Officer, the company has forged impactful partnerships to drive projects in key areas such as agriculture, education, energy, housing, and sports. By leveraging its network of agents and partners spanning 18 countries, Project Blue World is poised to make a meaningful difference in the lives of people worldwide.
“Join us as we embark on these charitable projects aimed at making a positive impact on society,” urges Gaetan Fiola. “Together, with our partners, we can create a better world for future generations.”

Link here to full article May 10, 2024

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