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Our vision is a world in which every human attains happiness to enhance the development of self, community and organizations.


We are dedicated to contributing to sustainable development through environmental protection, social responsibility and economic progress.


Safety, Quality, Respect, Growth & Honesty.


Our Goal is to provide excellent management and support service to individuals and teams, and to provide a portala place to plug in to find tools, templates, experts and solutions. Together we can achieve excellence.


Founded in 2019, Project Blue World Inc. is developed to provide expertise and simple templateable solutions via our network of global agents and agencies.

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Roadmap to a Blue World.

Introductory Videos

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Introduction to Project Blue World
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Welcome to Project Blue World. We are online and onsite consulting agency, developed to provide high performance tools, solutions and suppliers.

We aim to achieve quality of life for all by 2030, together we can succeed, caretake our beautiful earth.

Introduction Presentation
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President co Founder Lori Payne provides this 13 minute video, slide presentation of history, vision, mission and services of Project Blue World.

Please. Come and see what services, products, projects we offer and register to be in our database.

Our Team

Our staff members and agents are standing by to serve and support.  
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Qualify as an Agent of
Project Blue World

Spokesperson and connector for their country, community, and local companies.  Project Blue World Agents help customers and clients navigate as they connect in to Project Blue World. Agents get option to work in contracts under PBW Brand.

Identified as PBW Agents in ‘the Grid’; PBW Solutions Database. Agents are Service & Sales Representatives; agents and agencies that are validated credentialed to work as representative and work in accordance with PBW Service Policy.

How do I become a PBW Agent? Book an Introductory Meet. As Agent of Project Blue World we will validate your credentials and set you up as authorized agent in our Solutions Database.  (Regular profile rate of $100.00 CDN per profile, see servcies for details)

What to expect: After interview and orientation, your profile* will identify you as primary Project Blue World Agent.  That you are organized as a service provider and have the ability to connect and perform liaison and professional service. The Project Blue World Agent is knowledgeable and able to articulate Project Blue World Brand, Product and Services and is authorized to use our logo and branding in their services.

PBW Agents receive:
1) Profile listing
1 in ‘the Grid’; PBW Solutions Database with
2) Option to lead or participate in PBW projects for fee2 and/or gain commission3 for referrals and brokering service.

1.Profiles are private or public listing
2. Services and fee structure is negotiated by contract type, skill set and location of agent. 
3. Comission Fees are a percent of actual sale price payable at time of transaction. External fees may be applicable pending transaction types.

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Roadmap to a Blue World

Many years of needs analysis from Winnipeg, Manitoba, global and multi industry have led to development of Project Blue World Inc. Consulting Agency, founded September 1, 2019 to provide experts and solutions from multiple industries and around the world.  Project Blue World Inc. Consulting Agency provides support to Project Blue World Foundation through our Corporate Social Responsibiltiy CSR program with expertise and advertising space for projects in work.  We provide access to expertise and participate in many projects to achieve continued flow of access to services to support quallity of life for people.

How do we affect the climate and develop people and our planet? 

Coordinate. Encourage. Utilize. Market. Communicate. Build.
1) Showcase excellence by region and industry, project by project, building culture of performance and improvement for Citizens.
2) Achieve easy to navigate, full access people services cycle from prenatal to palliative with behavioural change to effect our climate.
3) Monitor, check and continuously improve our performance.

Click images below to view or click here  to download a copy of Roadmap to a Blue World.

Brochures for Download

Download your copy of Project Blue World services brochure, presentation slide pack or to learn more about our history, and plan click on Roadmap to a Blue World.

Brochure: Project Blue World

Services Brochure 2 page downloadable.

Presentation Pack: Project Blue World

PBW Presentation slide pack, 12 pages downloadable.

Brochure: Roadmap to a Blue World

History and Plan Brochure 4 pages, downloadable.

Press Releases

Local and online Project Blue World seeks to provide solutions.

Link here to full article Digital Journal May 12, 2022

Serving individuals, teams and organizations. Certified staff and suppliers stand by to consult, facilitate, represent by the hour or long term as you require onsite or online from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Central Canada.


Privacy & Security Policy: We respect the privacy rights of our clients, staff and suppliers. We are committed to protecting all personal and organizational information in our possession or control. We use secure confidential systems with back up and 2 factor identification where possible.

We have adopted this Privacy & Security Policy to guide how we collect, use and disclose the personal and professional information we require in the course of fulfilling our responsibilities and operating our business. This Privacy Policy applies to all subsidiaries and associated companies and partnerships of PBW and agents.

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