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Build. Yourself and your operations. Certified professionals with tools and templates are standing by to provide support by the hour, or contract as required. 

Join. Gain new network. Generate new opportunity. Register to be in the Grid. List privately or advertise publicly in the Grid; Project Blue World’s Solutions Database.  



Book an introductory meet to receive an estimate for professional supports.  Achieve operational excellence, performance for yourself or team.


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goals & objectives

Receive certified professionals, training, tools and templates.  To achieve optimal performance, excellence for our customers we have developed a suite of experts and solutions to serve you. 

Receive certified managers, engineers and professional project managers for short or long term support utilizing Project Blue World’s Project Management System. 

Management, marketing, web design, business coaches, service managers, change managers, maintenance engineers, professional or technical trainers, aircraft and industrial engineers and asset management and administrative supports. Authors, publishers, publications and Quality Management Systems experts stand by to support individually or as part of a team.

We perform needs analysis and help develop from initial idea through strategic planning and implementation. Ask us to support or lead a project, we perform short term troubleshooting or help you longer term develop your objectives. Together we apply management tools and templates, coach and train on the job or we provide formal presentations.

See the Grid; Project Blue World’s Solutions’s Database. 
These people and products, projects are available or they are seeking support or work.  See for fee and free options, register yourself for publicly or privately and join the network. 

Begin with an introductory meet to review your requirements and or submit request for quote.
We provide cost estimate after introductory meet, we agree to resources and price, timing, objectives and actions required to achieve your goals. Executive reporting is provided as we go. 

Introductory Meet> Needs Analysis > Project Plan > Implementation
with Executive Reporting

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Register to be in the Grid; Project Blue World’s Solutions Database.

Gain new network. Generate new opportunity. Register to be in the Grid. List privately to be available in our internal supplier listing or advertise publicly in the Grid; Project Blue World’s Solutions Database.


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We want you, your company, product or services in the Grid; Project Blue World’s Solutions Database

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Join our network of professionals, products & services available local to Manitoba and online around the world available to support individuals and teams.

What product or service do you or your company provide? 

What is your solution or item for sale?  
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Registration Fee ……………………………………….. $100.00

Registration fee is for our team to review and set up your file.*  
Subscription purchase renews annually at which time we invite you to do maintenance, updates on your profile.

Complete registration and you will be routed to payment.
($100 registration fee Cdn includes 5% Goods & Services Tax GST).

We will review your submission and email you your approval within 7 days.  
If you request a public profile we will send you a copy of your draft profile. 

If you are declined your payment will be reimbursed.


The fine print: Grid Registration Terms & Conditons.pdf

Questions? Book 15 Minute Free Meet

Need help to design your brand and content for your profile or other professional services?  See Consulting.  

A professional that would like to reach larger audience? or a Non Profit, Project or Fundraiser to Advertise? Listings are an annual subscription, additional marketing and business development supports are available for consultation fee.

Quality Service Guarantee

We are glad to provide service to support your requirements.

Project Blue World operates within a Quality Management System, in our daily work and our long term planning we Manage by Objectives and measure our progress to continually improve. In our customer service and solutions supplied we focus to be best in class.


Serving individuals, teams and organizations. Certified staff and suppliers stand by to consult, facilitate, represent by the hour or long term as you require onsite or online from Central Canada and around the world, Mailing address: P.O. Box 52 Clandeboye, Manitoba, Canada, R0C 0P0


Privacy & Security Policy: We respect the privacy rights of our clients, staff and suppliers. We are committed to protecting all personal and organizational information in our possession or control. We use secure confidential systems with back up and 2 factor identification where possible.

We have adopted this Privacy & Security Policy to guide how we collect, use and disclose the personal and professional information we require in the course of fulfilling our responsibilities and operating our business. This Privacy Policy applies to all subsidiaries and associated companies and partnerships of PBW and agents.

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