Project Blue World

Consulting, Facilitation, Representation & Referral Services

What we do

Advancing, enhancing and improving people’s lives, benefiting personal & organizational performance.

How we do it

Providing consultation, supports and templatable solutions to facilitate success.

Where we do it

For every company, in every home and for every life all around the world.


Providing consultation, facilitation, representation and referral services 

Project Blue World Inc. & Project Blue World Foundation staff and agents serve

Private, Public & Non Profit Individuals & Teams

Project Blue World Inc.


We provide individualized consultation; What is the gap?  Where do you want to be?  Build your dream, set goals & objectives, plan, do, check, act.  Train and develop  yourself to your full potential.

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Is your community in build mode?  Building, developing and refining infrastructure, options and services for your citizens?  We consult and facilitate goals and objectives as per requirement.  Plan and develop options, network resources, develop & sustain strong communities.

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How does your company develop high performance people, product and services?  We consult and develop, link you to resources, templates and tools, options for success.  Guarantee Return on Investment ROI 4:1 with repeated track record from our leadership team of 98-99% Cost, Time and Quality accuracy achieve Morale and Safety measures.

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Project Blue World Foundation

Support Non Profit NP or Non Government Organization NGO ongoing projects & programs.
Project Blue World’s Foundation provides consultation, facilitation, representation and referral services to non profit teams at discounted rates, see sample works and ongoing programs visit our Foundation.


Full Product & Service People & Business Life Cycle Supports
Introductory Meet –> Needs Analysis –> Project Planning –> Implementation –> Executive Reporting


Performance engineering of people, process & product. Continuously improve yourself, and/or your team’s quality and service.  Access training, tools and templates. Short and long term, full product or service life cycle, strategic plan & infrastructure consultation available.


Developing, manufacturing, managing, selling or sourcing?  With specialists in Quality Management Systems QMS, we are glad to facilitate your planning, product and service requirements.


Do you need new ideas, people or partners to help you achieve sustainable change for yourself, organization and community? 

Initiatives underway in: Economic, Energy, Aviation, Aerospace, Agriculture, Youth, Health, Wellness, Science, Technology, Education, Design, Innovation & Environment.

Pricing: Hourly Rates & Service Packages

Hourly / Weekly / Short & Long Term; contract agreements available by specailized area of service, credentialed agents, quality satisfaction guaranteed.

Corporate & Team Full Life Cycle Review: Weekly meets with your assigned agent Subject Matter Experts SMEs to facilitate your success. $20,000 CDN ($16,000 USD)  12 Week Service Package
Individual & Team: One time consultation & review session / individualized weekly or other long term service packages.  $100 – $500+ per hour

*For maximum benefit we recommend a three month minimum service package.  Rates, quantity of agents and length of contract is scalable per size of requirement.

Scheduling & Individualized Service: Service is specialized for you as Project Blue World assigns a primary and secondary agent team and other experts as required to serve no matter your stage in development.  Staff, agents and options are recommended and assigned per skill set and aresubject to availability and customer approval.  

Certification & Standard Rate Guarantee: Credentialed staff, agents and standard market rates are required and negotiated per region, industry and customer.  Non profit and pro bono options are available through Project Blue World Foundation on as available basis.  See ‘About Us’ page and ‘Partners’ below for samples of skills and options available in our team and partner agencies.

Rates payable by electronic transfer, speak to your agent for best options for you.


Unite & Ignite, Elevate Ourselves, our Teams, Communities and the World.
Join our mission for quality of life and global happiness.

How can we serve you, your team, industry and community today? 

Consultation, facilitation or representation requirements?  Provide contact name & email.  Include your location, website, goals, objectives & challenges, your and/or organization details.  We will schedule a team member call back at time convenient for you.

Buying or selling and require referrals for sales of your products & services?  Our staff and agents are trained to refer per industry standard commission rates.  We help you manage, maintain, increase and transact sales.  We can also act in representation, make calls and do works and demonstrations with you and for you and your team.  

✈For Aircraft and parts include part number, description, certification, location, ownership and maintenance history

Auditing: From initial call to close, details are held on file for full traceability.

Join the Team:  Would you like to become a Project Blue World Team Member, Agent, Supplier or Service Partner in our Qualified Vendor Listing?  Send your company details and/or resume, links & background. 

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The Project Blue World service partner network is growing.  Click the logo to meet your area experts.   

*Please check back soon for listing by region and area of expertise