Project Blue World

Consulting Agency

What we do

Project Blue World Inc. is Winnipeg Manitoba based Consulting Agency.

How we do it

Our team and member partners provide solutions to power performance.

Where we do it

With strong leadership and network of agents and agencies, we serve online and onsite around the world.



Require consultation, project management, performance solutions to develop people, process & product?  Access training, tools and templates. Continuously improve.  Short and long term, full product or service life cycle, strategic plan & infrastructure consultation available.


Developing, manufacturing, managing, selling or sourcing?  With specialists in Safety and Quality Management Systems QMS, we are glad to facilitate your planning, product and service requirements.


Do you need new ideas, people or partners to help you achieve sustainable change for yourself, organization or team?  Join as a PBW Member and gain access and expand your markets. Initiatives are under way in; Economic, Energy, Aviation, Aerospace, Agriculture, Youth, Health, Wellness, Science, Technology, Education, Design, Innovation & Environment.

Member Showcase

Become a Project Blue World Member, showcase yourself and your products and Services.

Project Blue World Inc. member agents and agencies are standing by to serve.

See About Us page and our Members list for skills and options available.

See People, Communities and Organizations showcase pages, click links below for service samples.


What are people up to?  Click here to see Staff and Supplier Contractors.

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Communities are in action.  Click here to see what community groups are up to.

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Companies developing products, people and services, click here to find training, tools and projects underway.

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Project Blue World Foundation

Project Blue World Foundation Non Profit organization is in process.  Please expect by end of 2022
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Project Blue World Foundation is in development in 2022 to increase reach and ability to serve.

We have Non Profit and Private Customers seeking supports today. Please visit and support these partners at Project Blue World Foundation
Corporate Social Responsibility Programming; Project Blue World Inc supports and showcases several Non Profit NP or Non Government Organization NGO ongoing projects & programs,


Credentialed agents and rates are negotiated per region and industry. 

Non profit and pro bono options will be available through Project Blue World Foundation in 2023.

See ‘About Us’ page, ‘Partners’ and ‘People’, ‘Communities’ and ‘Organizations’ showcase pages for samples of skills and options available in our team and partner agencies.

Unite & Ignite Elevate Ourselves, our Citizens, Companies, Communities, Cities and Countries until we reach the World.

Join our mission for quality of life and global happiness.


How can we serve you, your team, industry and community today?

Consultation, facilitation or representation requirements?  Provide contact name & email.  Include your location, website, goals, objectives & challenges, your and/or organization details.  We will schedule a team member call back at time convenient for you.

✈For Aircraft and parts include part number, description, certification, location, ownership and maintenance history

Auditing: From initial call to close, details are held on file for full traceability.