Unite & Ignite

Elevate ourselves, our communities and the world.

Consulting, Facilitation & Referral Services for individuals & organizations.

What we do

Advancing, enhancing and improving people’s lives, benefiting personal & organizational performance.

How we do it

Providing consultation, supports and templatable solutions to facilitate success.

Where we do it

For every company, in every home and for every life all around the world.


Providing consultation, facilitation and resources to People, Communities and Organizations we serve through our business and foundation network & initiatives.


We bring options and network to build a strong communities

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Assist companies in developing operations

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Develop yourself and your team to your full potential

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Project Blue World Foundation

Non profit organization to build a strong future

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Are you accomplishing your goals? Full product or service life cycle, strategic plan & infrastructure consultation. 

Performance Engineering, Training & Maintenance Planning

Quality Management Systems QMS  


Aircraft & Parts, Sales and Sourcing

Selling or sourcing aircraft, engines, parts, propellers or components?   

Too much inventory? Not enough at the right time? Our team of experts facilitate your supply chain, inventory, product and service requirements, development and management.

Sell or source, what are your requirements today and long term?


Private, Partner or Public; Contact Us

Do you need new ideas, templates and partners to help you achieve sustainable change for yourself, organization and community? 

Energy, Agriculture, Youth, Education,  Health, Wellness, Science, Innovation, Environment & Economic Initiatives, partnering platforms.


Join our mission for happiness 

 How can we serve you, your team, industry and community today?

Please provide your consultation requirements, your contact name & email.  I
nclude your location, website, goals, objectives and challenges, your details, that of your company and or organization. 

Buying or selling aircraft, parts or engines?  Provide details; part number, description, certification and location, history are required and kept on file for full traceability.