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From Local to Global your priorities are our priorities.  
🎯Goal 2025: 249 Countries in our World Connected for People & Planet Performance.


Consulting & Advertising
Book Free Introductory Meet or Buy Consulting by the Hour(s)
$125 CDN ($100 USD)
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Enjoy New Network and Opportunity, Whatever Service You Choose.

Commission and Administration Fees
Commission and/or administration fees may apply over and above hourly rates for project managment, representation and broker service. Rates may be subject to increase or decrease pending volume, role, region and task.  Contact us for Non Profit discounts.

Quality Service Guarantee

We are glad to work to support your requirements.

Project Blue World operates within a Quality Management System, in our daily work and our long term planning we Manage by Objectives and measure our progress to continually improve. In our customer service and solutions supplied we focus to be best in class.

Join our mission for quality of life and global happiness through developing excellence in all that we do.


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